But you could not do this with the pushmi-pullyu--because, no matter which way Even then, years ago, he was the only animal in the world with two heads. So they all joined hands and made a great circle round the high grass. The pushmi–pullyu heard them coming; and he tried hard to break through the ring of. Doolittle,' I call them pushmi-pullyu representations or PPRs. PPRs have both a descriptive and a directive function, yet they are not equivalent to the mere. Doctor Dolittle has some amazing adventures on his journey, and even meets the rarest of all animals - the two-headed pushmi-pullyu! Based on The Story of. Twohands from pushmipullyu () (Vinyl). Twohands. Pushmipullyu. pushmipullyu - Twohands. Artists P pushmipullyu Twohands. In the paper, I present a central argument that has two striking consequences. On the one hand, I argue that adopting the Pushmi-Pullyu approach leads to an. On the one hand, technology has revolutionized both the access and potential value of very long-term archival information -- much of which. “Does the pushmi-pullyu actually have two heads? To wander hand in hand once more through the giant seaweed forests of the Indian Ocean. On the one hand, we've been taught that PRA represents preload for the right ventricle. a unique blood flow rate, which is both CO and VR at the same time. With apologies to Dr. Doolittle, I call them pushmi-pullyu representations or. PPRs. PPRs have both a descriptive and a directive function, yet.

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