The filter property accepts multiple filters, so you can repeat drop-shadow: filter: drop-shadow(3px 3px 5px #) drop-shadow(2px 2px. › multiple-drop-shadows. The key difference It's similar to box-shadow if there's only one drop-shadow. Then add another one. You may think there'll be 2 shadows. In graphic design and computer graphics, a drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of a for icons on desktops in many desktop environments has a drop shadow. Ambient light appears from all angles to create diffused, soft shadows, A drop shadow is cast when an object blocks a light source. We can achieve this effect by creating multiple box-shadows (separating each shadow with a comma), and increasing the offset and blur for. Applies a shadow to an element's pixels, for use by the filter property. Accepts up to 3 distance measurements, representing x/y offset and blur radius. One of the most common CSS effects is using shadows in various ways. Before, we needed to resort to images, but now we can offer this to all. Layer-Layer Style-Create Layer, will put the drop shadow on its own layer. Then you can add another to the original. Additionally the box may be given a "drop-shadow" effect with the box-shadow property. If an element is broken into multiple boxes.

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